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  • 1.  Typical PTO/Vacation Policies?

    Posted 05-06-2021 08:37

    We are an MEP subcontractor in Southeast Georgia of about ~250 employees (both field and office). We work primarily in Georgia and in South Carolina. I am wondering what typical vacation policies companies similar to ours are offering? Is it different for the field employees vs. office employees?

    We often have to "bend the policy" for new hires so need to just update it all together to be more competitive.

    Currently employees with at least one year and less than five years' employment accrue PTO to a total of one week each year. Employees with five or more years' employment will accrue PTO totaling two weeks.

    Any input anyone is willing to provide is greatly appreciated!

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  • 2.  RE: Typical PTO/Vacation Policies?

    Posted 05-07-2021 07:16

    We are a commercial glass and glazing subcontractor in Kennesaw, GA.  We have under 50 employees.  Our office employees are given two weeks (10 days) of vacation.  Our field employees are given one week after the completion of one year of service and then accrue an additional day each year until the completion of five years of service where they are given two days for a total of 10 days (two weeks) of vacation.  We track this on an hourly basis because most of our field employees never take a full at one time but rather take a day here and there.  Also, our office employees are given 48 hours of additional sick time per year (if needed) but our field employees do not receive any "sick" time.


    Hope this helps.



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