Benjamin Allison, CCIFP - Bardi Heating & Air

M. Brantley Barrow, CCIFP

Melvin E. BurgEs, CCIFP - Harcon, Inc.

Leslie A. Callender, CCIFP - On Call Accounting, LLC

Mary G. Cangelosi, CCIFP - CentreMarc Construction Co., LLC

Fred G. Cook, CCIFP - Burch Corporation

Melinda Davis, CCIFP - Coker James & Company, PC

Jack F. Godfrey, CCIFP - Greater Georgia Concrete, LLC

Robert Green, CCIFP - Emcor Group, Inc.

William P. Hayne, CCIFP - The Conlan Company

Stephen L. Henshaw, CCIFP - IDC Construction, LLC

Steven W. James, CCIFP - American Safety Insurance

Bryan Johnson, CCIFP - The Circle Group, LLC

Jeffrey A. Krall, CCIFP - Alpha Insulation and Waterproofing

David Massey, CCIFP - Moore, Colson & Company P.C.

Robert McManus, CCIFP - Mid-South Roof Systems

Vicki Mitchell, CCIFP - New South Construction

Steven Mooney, CCIFP - Macuch Steel

Scott Oberschlake, CCIFP - Carroll Daniel Construction Co.

Helena Koo Prieto, CCIFP - Pinkerton & Laws

Todd Schirner, CCIFP - Allison-Smith Company

Kevin C. Swanson, CCIFP - United Forming, Inc.

John Thomas, CCIFP - Holder Construction Group LLC

Anita Vandeventer, CCIFP - Williams Industrial Services, LLC

Michael Wilkes, CCIFP - Reeves Construction Company

Lisa C. Willis, CCIFP - Willis Professional Services, Inc.

The Institute of Certified Construction Industry Financial Professionals, Inc. (ICCIFP) is a not-for-profit corporation established to promote the highest standards of construction financial management through the credentialing of construction financial professionals. ICCIFP is an independent, separately incorporated entity affiliated with the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) that issues credentials to individuals who successfully meet ICCIFP standards. Credentialed individuals may present themselves to the public as certified construction industry financial professionals.

  • Establish the scope of practice for construction financial professionals

  • Assess the level of knowledge demonstrated by construction financial professionals in a
    valid and reliable manner

  • Encourage professional growth in the field of construction financial management

  • Formally recognize individuals who meet the requirements set by ICCIFP

  • Serve the public and employers by encouraging quality construction financial management practices

FACTS:  There are currently 474 CCIFPs in 41 states. Of this total, 416 are CFMA members and 58 are non-members.  Recertification of existing certificate holders is running above 90% for the fourth straight year.


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